The Bearded Clam Waxing Studio - European and Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal Colorado Springs, CO!
About The Bearded Clam
We remove body hair so you dont have to!
The Bearded Clam is the result of several years of hard work. After working as an esthetician at several of the city's most popular waxing salons and boutiques, Savanna decided to go into business for herself, allowing her to set hours that were more convenient to her clients, as well as balance her work and personal life.
Savanna is the owner and esthetician of The Bearded Clam. She is a Colorado native and has been a waxing ninja since 2012. She has a passion for quality skin care, good coffee, and most importantly, a well-written book. Her many talents include, but are not limited to, talking really fast, sarcasm, off-tune singing, and obviously, WAXING!