The Bearded Clam Waxing Studio - European and Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal Colorado Springs, CO!
All the waxing services you need

We offer full service waxing and hair removal including European / Brazillan  and Bikini waxes. We'll also remove hair from under arms, eyebrows, facial hair, including chin, cheeks, lip, nose, side burns, neck, full legs, lower legs, upper legs, toes, fingers, shoulders, stomach, full back, upper back, mid back, lower back and everywhere else in between! You body will be soft, silky smooth and sexy.

NO DOUBLE-DIPPING EVER! Using the same waxing stick a second or third time will contaminate the wax for the next client and can put your health at risk!  WE WILL NEVER EVER DOUBLE-DIP OUR WAX STICKS.  Its unsanitary and no different than sharing a needle.
Pre Waxing Tips
Let your hair grow out for 3 weeks. YES I'M SERIOUS. Letting it grow out ensures your hair is long enough to wax. When it is too short your hair can't be pulled out of the follicle it just gets pulled on. It hurts more and it's pointless. Your hair grows in three cycles so this also gives all three cycles enough time to grow out, you'll get the best wax possible and it won't hurt so much.
Exfoliate: exfoliating with a sugar scrub a couple days before will get rid of excess skin and make it easier for the wax to grab onto your hair.
Taking a warm bath or shower right before you come in opens up your pores and makes the process slightly more comfortable.
Yes, it is absolutely okay to wax while pregnant!
Most importantly, Don’t freak out! I'm really really good looking. I mean good at what I do. I will walk you through the entire process, which usually only takes about 10 minutes. YES 10 minutes, I'm that good.
Post Waxing Tips
Come back in 4-5 weeks. This ensures we get your hair patterns trained to grow in at the same time and your hair will keep getting thinner and less of it will grow back. For real girl.
Exfoliate some more! Keeping your skin free of dead skin cells helps prevent ingrown hairs and allows all the fancy products you spend too much money on to soak into your skin and make it gorgeous darling. I recommend a sugar scrub and a towel. Loofahs and sponges hold bacteria, you don't want that on your skin. EVER.
Avoid working out for the first 24 hours after your wax. Your pores are wide open and you don’t want sweat and bacteria getting into those babies. You should also avoid other things that involve sweat and body fluids. Ahem.
Wear lose clothing. It's important to let your skin breath. Cotton underwear is perfect.
Moisturize! We live in Colorado, keeping your skin moisturized will help promote cell turnover, and once again prevents ingrowns.
STOP SHAVING! When you shave you ruin your growth pattern that we worked so hard for! It makes your hair thick and blunt. There are so many more things you can do with your shower time, just say NO!